Authority leader in integrative medicine solutions

Secom® Healthcare Goup

Secom® Healthcare Group is a trendsetter and leading authority in integrative medicine solutions, which has built in 20 years of activity a solid reputation in the Romanian market for importing and marketing premium health and beauty products with globally researched, certified and patented ingredients.

Today, we are a strong group consisting of 4 divisions: Secom® – business-to-business division, Secom® Retail – business-to-consumer division and Good Routine® – food supplements brand created by Secom® which is available in Romania and on the international market through Secom® International Markets division.

Furthermore, we have a team of 200 people, a diverse portfolio with hundreds of premium products from 3 categories: food supplements, functional foods and natural cosmetics. We are driven by constant care towards responsible and sustainable growth.

The evolution of Secom® so far is due to the four pillars on which this business was built: uncompromising quality, constant concern for innovation, education initiatives, and a genuine wish to do good.

Our mission

At Secom® Healthcare Group we are committed to improving people’s health and well-being, through high quality, innovative and trustworthy products and services, ethically delivered.

Good health can be taught

We believe good health can be taught: it is about education, self-awareness and positive habits that people can learn. We aim to change life routines for the better and inspire people to take control of their health;

Prevention is a lifestyle

We believe prevention is a way of life that needs discipline, constant support, motivation triggers, and even a reset, from time to time.



Health is vitality

We believe good health equals vitality and balance and cannot be defined by the mere absence of illness and ailment.

Health is a matter of integrative approach

We believe health is a matter of integrative approach and we understand complementary medicine as the best companion to traditional medicine, as much as we see people being whole entities.

We make ethical choices

We always approach opportunities the right way: ethically, with no compromises or corners cut.

We give trust

We trust first our people and give them room to grow: they are the ones who will grow the business.

We want to understand

We are focused on understanding our customers – as they give us the keys to be better ourselves.

We are open

We engage in a fertile and open dialogue with our stakeholders and share knowledge generously — the more we sow, the more we harvest.



Secom® becomes one of the first health food store in Romania.



Secom® develops into a small Naturopathic Consultancy Center and starts to collaborate with naturopathic doctors.


Secom® imports food supplements with innovative ingredients from internationally renowned manufacturers.



Secom® expands its national reach by setting up its own team of medical representatives and direct distribution to pharmacies.


Secom® launches its own retail network (2 stores) and starts the rebranding process.


Secom® launches and the offline retail network counts 10 stores.


Secom® reaches the 3rd position on the food supplements market.

Company expands its portfolio with natural cosmetics (Andalou Naturals range).


Secom® introduces a new category of products in its portfolio: premium teas (TEALIA™ and The Republic of Tea).

The retail network counts 13 stores.


Secom® launches its first own brand of food supplements: Good Routine®.


Secom® Healthcare Group is established in order to consolidate Secom® activity and brand identity.


Secom® extends its activity on the international market by listing Good Routine® supplements in Iceland.
The organization voluntarily launches its first sustainability report.
Secom® Retail network counts 15 stores.
Secom® Retail expands its portofolio with new categories.


The Good Routine® supplement brand, created by Secom® expanded its reach to the global market by being listed on 6 Amazon markets and in Costa Rica.

Good Routine® receives Sustainability Booth – Design Award 2023 – Best at Show at Vitafoods Asia.

Secom® Healthcare becomes a supplier to the Royal Family of Romania


Secom® receives Best Managed Company certification with the program unfolded by Deloitte in Romania.