Health is something you learn

Educational hub

Aware of the importance that education has on maintaing a good health, we have invested over one million Euros in programs that promote prevention and the principles of a healthy lifestyle, which reached 20 million people.

Secom® Podcast

Secom® Podcast is an educational project launched in 2019 (under Health on Focus name) where we share documented insights from well-known experts, in order to help people introduce healthy routines and have a balanced lifestyle. This year we refresh our podcast by changing its name into Supliment de bine (Supplement of Good) and by bringing in front of viewers even more diverse experts, from all areas related to health and well-being.

Ghid de sanatate (Health Guide)

The four hundred articles on topics related to health and balanced lifestyle were written and are constantly updated by our Scientific Support & Innovation team with the help of doctors and experts and describe the latest findings and research on integrative medicine.

Perspective, Integrative Medicine Journal

Perspective – Integrative Medicine Journal is a project launched in 2015 to encourage people to take preventive actions when it comes to their health. Perspective is a quality editorial product that contains up-to-date interviews and articles presented in a balanced tone and dedicated to the public at large, i.e. people focused on a healthy lifestyle, as well as the medical community.

The Good Place – The Good Routine

Our lifestyle brand blog provides useful information and real tools to support good routines.