We grow sustainably

Our Sustainability Strategy

In order to ensure our sustainable development, in 2020 we carried out a materiality analysis, which involved an in-depth X-ray of Secom® Healthcare's business and consultation with over 1340 external and internal stakeholders.
Following this complex analysis, we have outlined Secom® Healthcare Group's sustainability strategy, which is based on 5 priority directions that address our key impact areas: Ethical Business Performance, Quality for Healthcare, Team Development, Community Involvement, Environmental Efficiency, each of them with specific short, medium, and long-term objectives.

Ethical Business Performance

We are an ethical and responsible company. Every decision we make is based on solid ethical values and principles that are reflected in everything we do: in the rigorous choice of the best and most effective products, in the responsible way we promote our products and services, in strict compliance with the national and European legislation, in our ethical relationships with the professional environment, in the investments we constantly make in information and education projects to encourage a preventive attitude towards health.

Quality for Health

We collaborate with established, renowned producers on the international market of dietary supplements, who invest in innovation and development of the most effective natural health solutions.
All the ingredients that go into the composition of the dietary supplements in the Secom® Healthcare Group portfolio are quality tested and hold quality certificates. The laboratory tests are certified in accordance with ISO (standards) and GMP and comply with international guidelines (Pharmacopoeias). The safety and quality of the imported products in Secom's portfolio are guaranteed by the fact that they are constantly monitored by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Team Development

Our team is one of the key contributors to Secom®’s responsible growth over the years. We want to continue to evolve together with the people in the team and that is why we are concerned with creating an enjoyable and constructive working environment in which they can develop professionally, while maintaining work-life balance.
Along with the ongoing initiatives to maintain a pleasant organizational climate, Secom® Healthcare Group has a competitive salary benefits package in the dietary supplement market that includes, in addition to the fixed salary, performance bonuses, healthcare subscription, life and accident insurance, discounts on portfolio products, psychotherapy sessions, financial incentives for the colleagues who have contributed to the recruitment of another colleague and a number of flexible benefits that can be chosen from the Benefit platform.

Community Involvement

The drive to do good has always part of Secom® Healthcare, it is in the DNA of the founders and the people on the team. For this reason, over the years, beyond the financial support given to hundreds of non-governmental partners, medical and educational institutions, we have also supported thousands of beneficiaries with products and services, as well as through volunteering.
We want our future community investments to be directly linked to the needs of the communities to ensure the transition to a sustainable society.

Environmental Efficiency

As an importer and distributor of dietary supplements, teas and natural cosmetics, we are aware that our impact is felt throughout the value chain, from producers to consumers. Fortunately, some of our partners have already adopted sustainable behaviors, so that the packages of 31.25% of all the supplements in the Secom® portfolio are made of 97% post-consumer recycled plastic or materials with a much lower environmental impact.
We will continue to promote sustainability principles among our suppliers and will implement a system to monitor the sustainability actions of the suppliers we work with. In addition, for our own brand portfolio, we are committed to gradually replacing the bottles of Good Routine® supplements with recycled plastic packaging in order to limit the consumption of non-renewable raw materials. We are aware that the responsibility for the packaging put on the market is still ours, that's why we managed, both in 2020 and 2021, to recover the equivalent of 100% of the total packaging quantity of the products put on the market, although the legal obligation is 55%.