Advanced integrative medicine solutions


Secom® Healthcare Group was created around Secom® – a company recognized for the quality of its portfolio of almost 500 globally certified and patented natural products, as well as for the integrity of its interactions with the business partners and consumers.

Today, we are a strong group consisting of 3 divisions:  Secom® – business-to-business division, Secom® Retail – business-to-consumer division, and Good Routine® – own brand of food supplements.


We are a flagship brand on the market, and a trendsetter in integrative medicine in Romania. We coordinate the distribution and promotion of the full product portfolio of food supplements in the 8000 pharmacies and natural products shops across the country.

Secom® Retail

The retail division manages the company’s own network of 13 Secom® stores, located in the largest cities across the country and the platform. In Secom® stores, we provide our consumers with access to all the products from our portfolio, as well as personalized science-based phytotherapy consultancy to help them choose the most suitable natural solutions for health and beauty.

Good Routine®

Good Routine® is the first private lifestyle brand in Secom® portfolio. The products are unique due to the innovative proprietary formulas developed by Secom®, based on a combination of ingredients with synergic action, to support the modern consumers in their pursuit of a balanced and healthy life.