Good people are
Secom®’s greatest strength

Secom® People

The world of Secom® Healthcare Group is about good people and sharing experiences that make a difference for the lives of Secom® people and of our consumers and patients.

Our team is made up of people who, although different, share a goal to constantly grow and the courage to try new approaches, as they are driven by passion, responsibility, great team spirit, joy and joie de vivre.

Secom People

Iulia Preda

National Retail Manager
Why Secom? Because it prioritizes the individual and there is no compromise when it comes to our mission, a mission guided by values and care for one another 🧡💚💜.

Alina Tataru

Corporate Communication & Sustainability Manager
What I like most about Secom? The fact that it is a place, not just a job, where trust and autonomy are provided, and where you are encouraged to constantly improve yourself for your own benefit and for those around you. For me, Secom is a company of good people with healthy principles.

Angela Ilie

Medical & Sales Pharma Representative
I chose Secom for its reputation in the dietary supplements market, for the quality and safety of its products. I have been working in the Pharma industry for over a decade and based on the positive feedback from patients, I knew I could continue to promote Secom even from the position of Representative.

Alexandra Jurcoane

Consumer Market Insights Manager
Secom is about entrepreneurship, ambition, values, and a soul mission: to do good through excellent products, without compromising ethics or quality. I am very proud to be a part of Secom's story and an extraordinary team of people.

Alexandra Stamp

Medical Representative
I really wanted to be part of the Secom team, and shortly after starting, I realized that Seriousness, Balance, Opportunity, Motivation - in one word, Secom - are just some of the qualities of the team. I wish to develop alongside my colleagues and fulfill myself as a person, under the guidance and coordination of an efficient and high-performing team of leaders.

Genoveva Streza

Area Retail Manager
The constant effort to do good results in excellence. This is not a skill, but an attitude. For me, Secom means excellence.

Andreea Chindris

Store Manager
I chose to join the Secom team 5 years ago, impressed by the competent and honest people who reflect the principles that guide the company. Being able to make a positive difference for the people around me and contribute to improving their health, I believe, is one of the most beautiful jobs. These aspects also convinced me later that I made the right choice!

Andreea Popescu

Medical Representative
Why Secom? Because at Secom, every day is a challenge, because I interact with people who help me become a better person, a better version of myself every day, because I have a team of wonderful people by my side, we share new ideas, and last but not least, we are a team of good people serving the greater good.

Alex Zamfir

ERP Support Engineer
Secom offers me the right framework to evolve, and I have friendly people by my side whom I can always count on.

Iulia Lazarescu

Senior Trade Marketing Projects Coordinator
Why should someone choose Secom? Because it's a place where many ideas are born, which turn into desires and then become realities. And because they will always be surrounded by people inspired by good and will work with quality products.

Madalina Ganea

Product Trainer
Why Secom? Because it's an attractive employer, a dynamic and innovative company that promotes a culture of continuous learning, values and respects its employees, offering them opportunities for professional and personal development. I chose Secom because I share the company's values and principles of promoting a healthy lifestyle and offering quality products, as well as respect for the environment.

Anca Macesanu

Area Medical Manager
The best thing I like is interacting every day with the people who help me be the best version of myself, working in a great environment and in a wonderful team.

Delia Nimerincu

Area Medical Manager
Secom® World is a place for innovation, where promises are fulfilled and care for the patients is our top priority.

Ana Maria Bestea

Payroll & PA Specialist
If you want to grow, Secom is the place to be. Here I have developed professionally, with beautiful people, attentive to the needs of others

Diana Vrednicu

Trade Marketing Specialist
Why Secom? Because here I have experienced and continue to experience many challenges, very beautiful moments, special moments. I have met magical people from whom I constantly learn, people with whose help I learn to develop professionally, empathetic people eager to do good to others, but most importantly, people who value the quality of the products that go to consumers.

    Fun at work

    In addition to the jobs we chose to do, we also enjoy good stories, surprises, spending time together outside work. So we always try to spice up the daily activities and we bring fun into the Secom® World.