Good people are
Secom®’s greatest strength

<h1>Good people are<br />
Secom®’s greatest strength</h1>

Secom® People

The world of Secom® Healthcare Group is about good people and sharing experiences that make a difference for the lives of Secom® people and of our consumers and patients.

Our team is made up of people who, although different, share a goal to constantly grow and the courage to try new approaches, as they are driven by passion, responsibility, great team spirit, joy and joie de vivre.

Secom People

Anca Macesanu

Area Medical Manager
The best thing I like is interacting every day with the people who help me be the best version of myself, working in a great environment and in a wonderful team.

Delia Nimerincu

Area Medical Manager
Secom® World is a place for innovation, where promises are fulfilled and care for the patients is our top priority.

Anamaria Suteu

Store Coordinator Brasov
I enjoy the freedom that the Secom® World offers, as you can be yourself every day; what I like best is the Secom® people, as we share the same values and convey the same energy (“the good vibe”).

Diana Petrovschi

Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Each day is a challenge that helps me grow constantly.

Iuliana Tihulca

Sales Representative
The most important thing I like about Secom® World is that it focuses on people, in various stages of their lives: patients, partners or employees.

    Fun at work

    In addition to the jobs we chose to do, we also enjoy good stories, surprises, spending time together outside work. So we always try to spice up the daily activities and we bring fun into the Secom® World.