At Secom®, we have always had a wish to do good, which is deeply rooted in the DNA of our founders and our team. Thus, we have supported hundreds of social causes, whose beneficiaries were children or adults suffering from mental or physical disabilities, children with cancer or autism, elderly people, healthcare institutions or professionals.

We never missed an opportunity to help the people around us, to make their life better or improve it in any way, and we will continue to do so.

Here are some of the social initiatives and volunteering projects that we passionately supported.

In 2020, we supported the “SCUT PENTRU SPITALE” campaign (Shield for Hospitals), launched by ZI DE BINE Association in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of providing the frontline infectious disease hospitals with the following: disinfectants, protection equipment for healthcare professionals, diagnosis tests, emergency care containers, etc.

We offered regular financial support to ZI DE BINE Association, by donating the money raised from the “Good Thoughts, Good Deeds” initiative organized on

In 2020, we donated 500 meals and 400 products to the healthcare professionals fighting in the frontline against COVID-19, through the #ACUM initiative launched by Kane – New Romanian Cuisine restaurant.

In 2020, we donated 300 products to the people from the quarantine centers during the COVID-19 lockdown, through the Pretuieste Viata Humanitarian Caravan (Cherish Life) organized by Andreea Marin ( a famous anchor and ambassador of social initiatives in Romania).

In 2020, we supported the construction and equipment with furniture and appliances of Casa Share 25 (Share House) in Vladeni, Iasi, which was offered to a family with four children living in harsh conditions. The house was built by Casa Share NGO, initiated by Bogdan Tanasa.

In 2020, we sponsored the technical design and the feasibility studies required to obtain the permits and start the works on the new sections of the newborn intensive care unit of the Emergency Children’s Hospital “Maria Slodowska Curie”.

In 2019, we supported the renovation and equipment of the isolation ward no. 1 of the Pediatrics Hospital within the National Institute for Mother and Child Health “Alessandrescu-Rusescu”.

In 2019, we provided support for the establishment of the SAMAS Mother’s School in Cluj-Napoca, an educational project where current and future parents benefited from free nursing, delivery and baby care classes, held by SAMAS trained and certified perinatal trainers, to help reduce infant mortality in Romania.

In 2019, we joined the Swimathon campaign – one of the most long-lived platforms focusing on making a difference in the community.

We raised funds, swam, and provided financial support for the “Volunteer in Hospital” program, which helps children in long-term hospitalization in the M.S. Curie hospital and the “Dr. Nicolae Robanescu” Clinical Medical Center for neuro-psycho-motor recovery.

In 2019 and 2020, we donated products and volunteered as part of Our Big Day Out program dedicated to institutionalized elderly and children, as well as to children, families and elderly living in disadvantaged rural areas.

In 2018, we supported 6 camps for children suffering from severe diseases – organized by Magic Association, to help them forget about their suffering for one week, and instead play, have fun and make friends.

In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2019, we sponsored the Christmas Tree Festival fundraising event, organized by Save the Children Romania, to support access to education for children from underprivileged areas.