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Maramures and Satu Mare


One of our objectives is to create and support a culture of responsible consumption of food supplements and, as a Sales Representative, you will identify and build long-term relations with pharma experts (head pharmacist, pharmacy assistant, pharmacist). You will promote over 300 types of food supplements included in our portfolio, which will enable the creation of treatment schemes for a wide range of conditions.


As a Sales Representative, you will be actively involved in the implementation of the promotion policy in line with Secom’s strategic objectives, in Maramures and Satu Mare counties. You will participate in training sessions and organize meetings and events dedicated to pharmacists, with the purpose of increasing the popularity of our products and our sales volume. You will develop and propose means to enhance loyalty among our target audience and streamline our relationship with the pharmacists, through promotion activities


A minimum experience of 3 years in the pharmaceutical or Para pharmaceutical industry is ideal for the role of Medical Representative, while excellent sales skills will allow you to exceed your monthly targets. Academic background in Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology will be very useful when promoting the food supplements from our portfolio, as it will allow you to corelate conditions with the effects of active ingredients.

We will provide you with relevant trainings, to make sure you are familiar with our wide product portfolio and up to date with the latest developments in the field of food supplements. We are looking for a proactive, resilient colleague, who will be suitable to an agile corporate mindset, who has strong planning and organization skills and is goal oriented.

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