The Good Routine® brand created by Secom is celebrating three milestones on its three years anniversary: 1 million supplements sold, international presence and recognition

Only three years after its launch, Good Routine®, the lifestyle brand of dietary supplements created by Secom® Healthcare, is celebrating its presence on eight international markets and the global recognition received from the Vitafoods Europe and Vitafoods Asia community. Good Routine® is also celebrating one million products sold and a portfolio of 27 premium dietary supplements, which has almost tripled since the launch. 

"For us, one million Good Routine supplements equal one million chances to establish good routines that can change people's lives, and this is a great reason to celebrate. In order to make a difference for as many people as possible, in Romania and abroad, Good Routine® remains dedicated to its mission of becoming the trusted partner of those who want to make a lifestyle change and live a balanced life," says Lucia Costea, Co-Founder and CEO of Secom® Healthcare Group.

Another important achievement of the brand is the constant recognition it has enjoyed in all the three editions of Vitafoods Europe - 2021, 2022 and 2023. The organizers and participants in the most influential global nutraceutical trade show praised the brand's innovative formulas and differentiating identity. Following its participation in Vitafoods, Good Routine® has established two international partnerships. Recently, at Vitafoods Asia, held this month in Bangkok, Good Routine® received the Sustainability Booth - Design Award 2023 - Best at Show for its stand made of environment-friendly materials and the 360° experience offered at the stand.

"The exceptional feedback we have received from the international community, consumers, professionals, local and global partners motivates us to continue the Good Routine® journey, remaining true to the principles that gave guided us so far: uncompromising quality, innovative formulas and forms of administration, and responsible communication that encourages the informed consumption of dietary supplements", adds Lucia Costea, Co-Founder and CEO of Secom® Healthcare Group.

The Good Routine® portfolio includes 27 premium supplements in nine segments that meet the current consumption needs of modern people.  Of these, Pure Omega-3, Krill Oil, Daily-Quercetin 500 mg are among the top 15 best-selling products in their segment, which proves how much they are appreciated by the consumers. Good Routine® supplements stand out through their innovative formulas that combine patented ingredients that act in synergy and contain optimal concentrations of active ingredients. These products are manufactured in factories in Spain and Italy, which hold the most important international licenses and certifications in the category, attesting their quality, efficiency, and safety.

Another strength and constant concern of the Good Routine® brand is to offer supplements in easy-to-administer forms that can be integrated into the daily routine. To this end, in 2023, Secom® introduced five new products to the Good Routine® portfolio. Train-Your-Brain®, in the form of drinkable vials, combines eight neuro-nutrients to help the body adapt to stressors; Coenzyme-Q10, in the form of soft gel capsules, supports cardiovascular health and provides antioxidant protection through the globally recognized Ubiqsome® patent, and Synergize-Your-Gut has been launched in a new, more effective 10-capsule package to support a balanced  intestinal flora during antibiotic administration. The Cold Care range complements the Good Routine® portfolio in the cold season and consists of Cold-Care Cough Syrup and Cold-Care Hot Drink, which are administered from the first signs associated with a weakened immune system, in order to improve the body's ability to defend itself and maintain respiratory comfort.

Beyond providing top quality supplements, Good Routine® is the trusted partner for those looking to make a lifestyle change, supporting them with inspirational, documented information to help them adopt or maintain healthy routines. Good Routine® educational projects include The Good Routine Plan, a free 42-day program developed together with Mind Architect, which explains neuroscience concepts needed to assimilate new habits, and Good Routine Saturdays where people from the Good Routine® community (Good Routiners) meet twice a month to run and share their challenges and successes in establishing good routines for a balanced lifestyle. 

In Romania, Good Routine® products can be found in over 3500 partner pharmacies across the country, in the 15 stores of the Secom® Retail network and on local online platforms. At international level, Good Routine® is marketed both offline and online through Amazon.  The brand is currently available in the following countries: Iceland, UK, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and will soon be sold in Costa Rica.


About Secom® Healthcare Group

For nearly 20 years, Secom® Healthcare Group, an entrepreneurial Romanian company, has established itself as an authority leader in integrative medicine solutions within the local market. The organization has developed a solid reputation in importing and selling premium health and beauty products with globally certified and patented ingredients. Secom®’s mission is to contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of people by providing high-quality, innovative and reliable products and services in an ethical and responsible business approach.

The group consists of the following four divisions: Secom® - the business-to-business division, responsible for managing the entire product portfolio, its distribution, and promotion on the Romanian market; Secom® Retail - the business-to-consumer division, which oversees a chain of 15 physical Secom® stores and the online shop; Good Routine® - the lifestyle supplements brand, created by Secom®, sold both in Romania and internationally, by Secom®  International Markets division. 

Secom® Healthcare Group has a dedicated team of 200 professionals and an exclusive portfolio of over 400 premium products, from three categories: food supplements (which consist of renowned international brands primarily from the USA, as well as Good Routine® supplements created by Secom®), teas, and natural cosmetics. 

Secom® has seen constant and sustainable progress throughout its almost two decades of existence. During the period of 2004-2022, the company achieved a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45%. Moreover, Secom® enjoys a high degree of trust from its consumers, and for two consecutive years the company has had the highest retention rate in the supplements category in Romania, which stands at 72%, as per the OMNIBUS study conducted by the ISRA Center for Marketing Research in February 2023.  More details on