The Good Routine® supplement brand, created by Secom® Healthcare Group, expanded its reach to the global market by being listed on Amazon

Secom® Healthcare Group's lifestyle supplement brand, Good Routine®, has now expanded its presence into France and Spain through Amazon marketplaces. This latest move comes after the brand's successful entry into the Icelandic market last year. The company is determined to carry on with its global expansion initiatives in 2023.

"Listing on Amazon marks a significant milestone in the journey of Good Routine®. We are excited about the opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of Europeans while continuing our sustainable development at an international level. Our dedication to taking our mission further is stronger than ever before. Our mission goes beyond offering high-quality supplements. Good Routine® is  the everyday reliable partner of people who want to make positive changes in their lifestyle. A partner which provides solutions, inspiration, and educational information, and supports individuals in adopting or maintaining good routines - such as food supplements - to achieve a balanced life." - Lucia Costea, Co-founder and CEO of Secom® Healthcare Group.

On the Romanian market, Secom® Healthcare Group is recognized as an authority leader in integrative medicine solutions. Over the course of nearly 20 years, the organization has established a strong reputation for delivering superior quality products, such as premium supplements that contain globally studied, certified, and patented ingredients, and for conducting business in an ethical manner. In October 2020, the group of companies introduced the Good Routine® brand. They leveraged their vast experience in creating their own portfolio that adheres to the same high-quality standards that consumers have come to expect. Good Routine® supplements are created by Secom® and produced in factories in Spain and Italy, which hold the most important licenses and international certifications in the category, which attest to their quality, efficiency and safety.

The Good Routine® portfolio, now available on Amazon, features 21 products across eight segments that address the most pressing consumer needs: complete diets, including vegetarian diets, by providing essential nutrients, help to balance intestinal flora, support immunity and joint health, combat fatigue and stress, enhance cognitive performance and sleep quality, improve the functioning of the peripheral nervous system, regulate cholesterol levels, protect the liver and heart, and support the health of the urinary tract. Good Routine® supplements stand out through their unique mixes of ingredients acting in synergy, their innovative, patented and easy to administer formulas, with optimal concentrations of active ingredients, carefully designed to support the modern consumer in their quest for a balanced and healthy life. 

Good Routine® is a fresh, innovative lifestyle brand that has achieved remarkable growth. Within just two and a half years of its launch, the Good Routine® portfolio doubled in size, and four of its supplements became top 10 products in their respective categories. Romanian consumers validated the quality of Good Routine® as early as 2022, when three of its products were voted as Product of the Year. At the end of 2022, the Good Routine® website surpassed one million visitors, earning the title of the most visible brand of supplements in digital. This was achieved through a communication strategy that included continuous educational initiatives, which align with the brand's positioning as a partner of good routines.

Furthermore, the Good Routine® brand made its first international partnership after its participation in the Vitafoods Europe - Geneva international fair, the brand being launched in Iceland at the beginning of 2022. The success of the partnership is further strengthened by the upward trajectory of the business at the local level, with sales volume doubling in Q1 2023 compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

"We are thrilled to embark on this new phase of expanding our global presence alongside like-minded partners who share the same principles and values that we have built the Good Routine® brand upon. With its fresh and recognizable identity, appealing portfolio design, DNA rooted in the lifestyle of the modern consumer, and innovative formulas that respond to their needs, we believe that Good Routine® has all the necessary assets to succeed in any market". adds Madalina Ghita, Secom® International Markets Business Unit Director.

Presently, Good Routine® supplements are being sold in various parts of Europe, including Spain and France's Amazon marketplaces, prominent channels in Iceland such as supermarkets and pharmacies, over 3,500 partner pharmacies across Romania, in Secom® Retail network's 15 stores in Romania, as well as on local online platforms. 

Discover the Good Routine® by Secom® brand and portfolio with just one click by accessing our story. To immerse yourself in the Good Routine® universe, visit our dedicated pages on Amazon France and Amazon Spain marketplaces, as well as our international social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.


About Secom® Healthcare Group

For nearly 20 years, Secom® Healthcare Group, an entrepreneurial Romanian company, has established itself as an authority leader in integrative medicine solutions within the local market. The organization has developed a solid reputation in importing and selling premium health and beauty products with globally certified and patented ingredients. Secom®’s mission is to contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of people by providing high-quality, innovative and reliable products and services in an ethical and responsible business approach.

The group consists of the following four divisions: Secom® - the business-to-business division, responsible for managing the entire product portfolio, its distribution, and promotion on the Romanian market; Secom® Retail - the business-to-consumer division, which oversees a chain of 15 physical Secom® stores and the online shop; Good Routine® - the lifestyle supplements brand, created by Secom®, sold both in Romania and internationally, by Secom®  International Markets division. 

Secom® Healthcare Group has a dedicated team of 200 professionals and an exclusive portfolio of over 400 premium products, from three categories: food supplements (which consist of renowned international brands primarily from the USA, as well as Good Routine® supplements created by Secom®), teas, and natural cosmetics. 

Secom® has seen constant and sustainable progress throughout its almost two decades of existence. During the period of 2004-2022, the company achieved a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45%. Moreover, Secom® enjoys a high degree of trust from its consumers, and for two consecutive years the company has had the highest retention rate in the supplements category in Romania, which stands at 72%, as per the OMNIBUS study conducted by the ISRA Center for Marketing Research in February 2023.  More details on