Good Routine® track record two years after launch

Portfolio doubled, 600 000 products sold, 3 dietary supplements voted as Product of the Year, over 1 million online visitors and international presence

Good Routine®, the first proprietary brand in the Secom® Healthcare Group portfolio, celebrates two years with an impressive track record: 600,000 products sold, a portfolio doubled from 10 to 22 new generation dietary supplements, three of which were voted as Product of the Year by the public, education projects, over one million visitors on, title of most present supplement brand in digital and presence on the international market.

"High quality food supplements, such as those in the Good Routine® portfolio, are an important pillar of a healthy lifestyle. Along with proper nutrition, exercise, and emotional balance, they can actually help people avoid certain medical problems or even improve their health. We are very pleased that in just two years, Good Routine® products have become part of the good routines of so many consumers and are supporting them to live a more balanced life", says Lucia Costea, co-founder and CEO of Secom® Healthcare Group, the creator of Good Routine®.

Secom® Healthcare, a trendsetter and leading authority in the dietary supplements market, launched its own Good Routine® brand in 2020, following a complex process that took almost two years. The company has built a portfolio of premium products, created according to the Secom® formula, that promise the same high level of quality that its consumers have come to expect.  Good Routine® supplements are made in European factories that hold the most important international licenses and certifications in the category, attesting their quality, efficiency, and safety.

The Good Routine® portfolio currently consists of 22 products, intended for adults, each with distinct benefits: they complement the diet, including vegetarian or vegan diets, balance intestinal flora, support immunity, support joints, help the body in times of fatigue and stress, regulate cholesterol levels, protect the liver and heart, support urinary tract health. Good Routine® supplements are differentiated by unique combinations of ingredients acting in synergy, innovative formulas, patented, easy-to-administer formulas with optimal concentrations of active ingredients, allowing for their rapid release and increased absorption in the body.

A proof of the products' effectiveness is the appreciation of consumers who voted three Good Routine® supplements as "Product of the Year®":  Guard-Your-Liver® in the liver-protection dietary supplements category, Comfort-U® in the urinary health supplements category and Build-your-joints® in the osteoarticular system supplements category.

An important vote of confidence was granted by the Regina Maria Healthcare Network, with which Good Routine® has recently started a nationwide clinical study to determine the vitamin D3 levels in the enrolled adult population and to test the effectiveness of Daily-D3 2000 IU administration in deficient patients.

Good Routine® has also received exceptional feedback from the international community attending the 2021 and 2022 VitaFoods Europe - Geneva, the most influential global trade show in the nutritional supplements industry. Following its participation in VitaFoods Europe 2021, Good Routine® received its first international partnership proposal and the brand is already marketed in Iceland, with plans to enter other European markets by the end of this year.  

"We aim to take the Good Routine® journey forward to influence the lives of as many people as possible for the better, in Romania and abroad, while remaining true to the principles that have brought us where we are today. We will remain rigorous in order to always offer high quality products and services, we will always be up-to-date with scientific discoveries to diversify our range of supplements with innovative formulas and forms of administration, we will maintain our ethical way of doing business to encourage the healthy development of the market in which we operate and we will continue to educate to encourage the responsible consumption of dietary supplements," added Lucia Costea, co-founder and CEO of Secom® Healthcare Group, creator of Good Routine®.

Among the Good Routine® education projects is the Good Routines Plan, a free 42-day program with Mind Architect that explains the neuroscience concepts needed to assimilate new habits and provides ongoing support to subscribers through daily messages, educational articles and tools so that they can maintain the good routines they have acquired.  More than 1,000 people have already joined the Good Routine® community, and through ambassador outreach and social media channels, the program messages have reached more than one million people.

 About Secom® Healthcare Group

Secom® Healthcare Group is a trendsetter and leading authority in integrative medicine solutions, which has built a solid reputation in the import and distribution of premium natural healthcare and beauty products.

The group consists of 3 divisions: Secom® - the business-to-business division which manages the portfolio of imported products, Secom® Retail - the business-to-consumer division which coordinates Secom's chain of physical stores as well as the online platform and Good Routine® - own brand of dietary supplements.

Secom® Healthcare Group currently has a team of 200 people and a portfolio of over 400 premium products in three categories: dietary supplements, teas, and natural cosmetics, made by renowned international manufacturers.

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