Postnatal depression is not a whim, it’s real

Impreuna in Depresia Postnatala Association and Secom® Healthcare Group organised the first event dedicated to maternal mental health in Romania.

Postnatal depression is a medical condition that affects 1 in 8 mothers worldwide, the situation being similar in Romania, according to experts. In order to raise awareness of this condition, Impreuna in Depresia Postnatala Association (Together in Postnatal Depression) (A.I.D.P.) and  Secom® Healthcare Group organized the first event dedicated to maternal mental health in Romania on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022, in Brasov.

"Unfortunately, despite the high incidence, postnatal depression is still an undiscussed topic among mothers who, for fear of being judged, choose to hide or deny their distress. However, acceptance is the first step towards healing. I believe that through this event, and indeed through the whole campaign, we are helping mothers, and by extension their families, to recognise this condition and seek help from specialists to treat it. Seeing a psychotherapist is not a shame, it is a necessity, and it can even be an opportunity to get to know yourself better and thus become a better parent for your child," said Alina Harsan, founder of Impreuna in Depresia Postnatala Association.

The event held on May 4th was attended by many specialists, including Dr Mircea Preda - obstetrics and gynaecology primary care physician and manager of the maternity hospital in Brasov, Maria Mitrică, PhD - paediatric primary care physician, Antoneta Galeș - trainer for mental health facilitators, Irina Dumitrache - integrative psychotherapist and Crina Coliban - specialist in breastfeeding and diversification - who approached postpartum depression from a 360° perspective. The event discussed the factors that contribute to this condition, hormonal changes during pregnancy and childbirth, the pressures of the new role of mother and new responsibilities, and treatment solutions.


The event is part of a wider campaign "Postnatal depression is not a whim, it's real" run in collaboration with Secom® Healthcare Group, which aims to raise awareness, information and emotional support to prevent and treat the condition. So far, 2,500 information leaflets have been produced and, since March, distributed to new mothers in Brasov maternity hospital. The campaign also benefits from the support of psychotherapist Ana-Maria Paveluc, who offers free psycho-emotional support by phone every Friday between 16:00 and 18:00.

"Mental health is as important as physical health. Only if we, as parents, are physically healthy and emotionally balanced can we support our children to reach their full potential. At Secom, we believe in the essential role that health education plays, so we are very happy to support the campaign <Postnatal depression is not a whim, it’s real> and, in time, to help prevent this condition," said Alina Tătaru, Corporate Communications Manager at Secom®.

In the coming months,  Impreuna in Depresia Postnatala Association aims to distribute information leaflets and to be present at childbirth courses in two other maternity hospitals in the country, to be closer not only to mothers but also to fathers. It is estimated that 1 in 10 fathers may experience postpartum depression as a result of sleep deprivation and changes in the couple's life.


About postpartum depression

Postnatal depression can occur at any time after childbirth, even up to a year after birth, and is manifested by the new mother's emotional instability, the symptoms of which include: insomnia, irritability or anger, extreme fatigue, feelings of guilt, shame or worthlessness, mood swings, difficulty attaching to the baby, thoughts of hurting her baby. Left untreated, postpartum depression can last a year or more, and sometimes untreated depression can become a chronic form of illness.


About Impreuna in Depresia Postnatala Association (A.I.D.P.)

A.I.D.P. is a non-governmental organization, the only one of its kind in Romania, founded in 2021 by a group of mothers who have experienced postpartum depression.

The mission of the association is to improve the quality of motherhood and family life by increasing awareness, information and emotional support, with a view to preventing perinatal depression and treating mental health problems arising in the pre- and post-natal period. More details about A.I.D.P. and the campaign "Postnatal depression is not a whim, it's real" can be found at


About Secom® Healthcare Group

Secom® Healthcare Group is a reference organization in the Romanian market, built around Secom®, a pioneer and leading authority in integrative medicine solutions, which has built a solid reputation in the field of importing and marketing premium dietary supplements.

Secom® Healthcare Group's mission is to contribute to improving people's health and well-being through high quality, innovative and trustworthy products and services.

The desire to do good is in the DNA of the founders and the people in the Secom® team. "Postnatal depression is not a whim, it's real" is just one of the social projects supported by the company in 2022 as part of the "Together in the Service of Good" programme.

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